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There was a time when planning for retirement was a fairly straightforward process; you collect from a pension from a company that you spent a working life with, you collect your social security that you contributed to through your working years and you use some personal savings to make it through a retirement that may last only about 10 years. Then if you were lucky rising costs of living, healthcare costs, taxes, inflation and market volatility wouldn’t work to reduce the amount of income available to live on during your retirement.

Now, planning for retirement has become substantially more complicated. With pensions and lifetime healthcare coverage now a thing of the past, Americans have been forced to become entirely responsible for their own retirement income. Further, longevity has become a significant issue. Medical advances and healthier lifestyles mean that Americans are living longer than ever before. Time and experience have shown that the best way to overcome these challenges is to strike a balance between keeping retirement savings secure while maximizing the amount of income generated from them.

We are in a unique position to not only educate you of the options you have but to implement the solutions you have determined to best fit with your family financial needs. You have the questions and we have the answers, so that you can put in place what’s best for you and your love ones.

Secured Capital Service’s principal has been in financial planning for over 35 years. SCS specializes in retirement income growth and protection through retirement and estate planning strategies. In addition, we can provide you with proper estate documents, retirement plan services and the best insured guaranteed products available in the market today.