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Preparing for retirement and managing income while in retirement areamong the top issues confronting American consumers today. But even with these concerns, nearly two-thirds (64%) don’t have a written financial plan in place. Secured Capital Service can provide Advanced Retirement Planning while showing how you can protect your current and future income needs. We prepare the necessary Estate documents to protect you and your family in case of a death or incapacitation.

Save beyond your 401(k) and IRA: If you're maxed out on contributions to your retirement savings, we'll show you a great way to help save even more with virtually no contributions limit. We have created a low cost, easy to understand, solution that could potentially help you retire sooner or with more money. Now look ahead to your retirement - How do you envision it?

Start drawing an income NOW: Are you ready for a retirement that may last 30 years or more? If you're concerned about outliving your assets or providing for your heirs, you'll need to create a Retirement Income Plan. Your plan should include income you can't outlive to cover expenses you can't live without, like healthcare and housing. If Social Security and pension benefits are not enough to cover your essential expenses, we can help.

We've developed an easy way to turn part of your retirement savings into monthly retirement paychecks. Don't you deserve the financial freedom to spend more on the lifestyle you've envisioned?

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